Ramius/Cowen Agreement – Section 7.10(b)(iii)

September 21, 2009

     (iii)  Except as expressly permitted by this Section 7.10(b)(iii) , neither the Board of Directors of Cowen nor any committee thereof shall (i) withdraw, modify or qualify, or propose publicly to withdraw, modify or qualify, the recommendation by the Board of Directors of Cowen of this Agreement and/or the Transactions to Cowen’s stockholders, or (ii) approve or recommend, or publicly propose to approve or recommend, or fail to recommend against, any Cowen Alternative Proposal (any of the actions described in clauses (i) or (ii), a “ Change of Recommendation ”).  Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Board of Directors of Cowen may make a Change of Recommendation prior to the receipt of the Cowen Stockholder Approval, if, and only if, each of the following conditions is satisfied:
          (1)  it receives a Cowen Alternative Proposal not solicited and not resulting from or arising out of a breach of this Section 7.10 that constitutes a Superior Proposal and such Superior Proposal has not been withdrawn;
          (2)  it determines in good faith (after consultation with outside legal counsel), that in light of a Superior Proposal the failure to effect such Change of Recommendation would cause it to violate its fiduciary duties to Cowen stockholders under applicable Law;
          (3)  Ramius has received written notice from Cowen (a “ Change of Recommendation Notice ”) at least five (5) Business Days prior to such Change of Recommendation, which notice shall (1) state expressly that Cowen has received a Cowen Alternative Proposal which the Board of Directors of Cowen has determined is a Superior Proposal and that Cowen intends to effect a Change of Recommendation and the manner in which it intends or may intend to do so and (2) include the identity of the person making such Cowen Alternative Proposal and a copy (if in writing) and summary of material terms of such Cowen Alternative Proposal; provided that any material amendment to the terms of such Cowen Alternative Proposal shall require a new Change of Recommendation Notice and at least two (2) Business Days prior to such Change of Recommendation; and
          (4)  during any such notice period, Cowen and its advisors have negotiated in good faith with Ramius (provided that Ramius desires to negotiate) to make adjustments in the terms and conditions of this Agreement such that such Cowen Alternative Proposal would no longer constitute a Superior Proposal.