MJ Hudson Acquires Allenbridge and Tower Gate Capital

November 17, 2016

On November 14, 2016, MJ Hudson LLP announced the completion of its acquisitions of Allenbridge and Tower Gate Capital.

The Allenbridge name will continue, however Tower Gate Capital and Allenbridge can be accessed under the MJ Hudson LLP (“MJ Hudson”) brand.

MJ Hudson is a London-based specialist law and asset management services firm, established in 2010. As of the acquisitions’ completion, MJ Hudson provides infrastructure to more than 400 asset managers and manages in excess of £200 billion.

Allenbridge is a London-based investment advisor, providing advisory and solutions services to pension funds and other institutional investors. Allenbridge advises over 40 institutions and wealth managers totaling an excess of £120 billion.

Tower Gate Capital Limited (“Tower Gate Capital”) is a London-based provider of outsourced fund management infrastructure. Tower Gate Capital provides solution services to 20 managers and advisers and co-manages 12 funds with over £2 billion in closing assets under management.

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