Goldman Sachs Buys Stake in Shumway Capital Parnters

January 6, 2010

Bloomberg reports that Goldman Sachs’ Petershill Fund purchased an 8% stake in Shumway Capital Partners, a Connecticut-based hedge fund firm.

In a letter to investors dated January 5, 2010, Shumway Capital Partners (“Shumway”) announced that it had sold an 8% stake in the firm to the Petershill Fund, a Goldman Sachs leveraged buyout fund.  According to Shumway, the proceeds from the sale will be used to finance a partnership that will include current Shumway senior executives.   The financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

Shumway, established in 2002, currently has 65 employees, including 24 investment advisors, and manages $8 billion.

Goldman’s Petershill Fund is a $1 billion leveraged buy-out fund with minority stakes in several hedge funds including Capula Investment Management, Winton Capital Management and Trafalgar Asset Managers.

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